NOTE: this page is a bit outdated.  Portfolio images need updated.  To see more recent views of Cam, please go to the "links" section and seek out their social media.  Page will be updated soon, though!! 

Cam Damage is an experienced model, photographer, videographer, content creator, sexual deviant, and kink obsessed creature.  They spend most of their time hanging out in rope (literally), as their main focus in life is shibari/kinbaku.  Cam is a self described "agony enthusiast" and heavy masochist who plays in many areas of the BDSM world.  Outside of rope, latex is also one of their top interests, but bondage is their true happy place.  In recent years Cam has bloomed as a content creator - shooting, directing, producing, editing, and performing in their own content -  solidifying their aesthetic and footing in the adult industry along the way.  Cam is a passionate and driven performer, always eager to explore and create something that elicits emotions in a viewer beyond simple arousal.  

They are currently based out of Seattle, WA - but travels frequently when COVID isn't happening...

They are also consistently naked/half-naked.  But will wear clothes if you tell them to.  

For all booking inquiries, contact:


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